Strawberry Galette

So the strawberry galette I decided to make on an UNGODLY HOT DAY, came out perfect. So much so that I didn't get a picture of it before Jon and I devoured it.

Jon called it toaster strudel-pizza... t'was a fitting description. I said to serve warm, but we ate it after it was well cooled, sliced like a pizza.

I've also played around with making one with store-bought pie dough with strawberries and canned peaches, and that was decent too... the made-from-scratch dough I first used though was so much more flaky and perfect though.

I have a post about a peanut-butter pie I make coming up!

And, I really need to post more. What kind of person starts a blog saying, oooh I'm going to make stuff then doesn't?! Me apparently... that will end now.

Side note = yesterday I bought some things necessary to begin embroidery. I'm pretty psyched!

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