I really need to post more. Its ridiculous how much I've abused this blog...
I do work A LOT and paired with school, it has not made an environment conducive to being productive outside of those two very time and energy consuming suck-fests.

There will be more posts... soon.

I have done some embroidery for a few swaps on Craftster since my last post.
Aaaaaand, Jon and I are finally moving into a new place (WITHOUT ROOMMATES) at the end of May, so there should be plenty of me making stuff to make our new home lovely and organized. By this point I will also have graduated. So yes. More crafting, cooking and posts in the future.

Very excited for all of that.... oh, and the wedding planning has pretty much stopped so that will pick back up again too!

Yay! So stick around/come back and see, it should get awesome.