More Owls

So doing the owl swap left my head storming with ideas of owl-y things to make. I made this for my niece, and hopefully that gets the owl obsession to stop for at least a little bit.

I keep seeing really cute nesting doll/matryoshka themed things online, so it inevitably melded with my owl obsession in my mind.

I got a set of blank, unfinished wood matryoshkas at hobby lobby and they were pretty cheap. I coated each of them with a different color of watercolor paint. Once that was dry, I painted on the owl details with black acrylic paint. After another length of drying, I did two coats of mod-podge.

I really liked the finish after the mod-podge, but I'm not entirely sure how practical it is for use with a toy, so I told my sister she should probably use it as a decoration until she gets to be a bit older.

I've been working on a lot of ideas and such for wedding things... hopefully I'll have something tangible to post about that sometime soon.

Wedding planning has been pretty fun so far too. I got my dress already. We toured a few venues for the ceremony/reception, and decided on one, and even put down a deposit! I have some hardware for my centerpieces (which I'm really excited for).

Once I actually make something, I'll put it here for you to "oooh" and "aaaah" over, or whatever it is you do on the other end.

Strawberry Galette

So the strawberry galette I decided to make on an UNGODLY HOT DAY, came out perfect. So much so that I didn't get a picture of it before Jon and I devoured it.

Jon called it toaster strudel-pizza... t'was a fitting description. I said to serve warm, but we ate it after it was well cooled, sliced like a pizza.

I've also played around with making one with store-bought pie dough with strawberries and canned peaches, and that was decent too... the made-from-scratch dough I first used though was so much more flaky and perfect though.

I have a post about a peanut-butter pie I make coming up!

And, I really need to post more. What kind of person starts a blog saying, oooh I'm going to make stuff then doesn't?! Me apparently... that will end now.

Side note = yesterday I bought some things necessary to begin embroidery. I'm pretty psyched!