Coffee Table and Paper Flowers

Jon and I recently went on a shopping spree at Joann's to use his employee discount, which they double every so often. Well, really I went on a shopping spree, and showed up at the end so I could use his discount.

Anywho, I got 2 wooden boxes, among other things. The boxes are about coffee table height and are unfinished. This is perfect, because I've been fruitlessly hunting for a coffee table since we moved into our new apartment in May. I'm working on staining and finishing these boxes to be used as movable coffee table surrogates. I'm sure I'll trip over them all the time now that I'm accustomed to not having a coffee table... at least we'll have somewhere to sit in front of the tv to stuff our faces, not that there isn't a perfectly fit dining room table less than 3 feet away.

I've got the tables stained with a charcoal grey tinted stain. I'm planning on putting a few layers of poly-crylic sealer on then doing decorative line-work in black acrylic paint with a few more seal coats on top.

Our wedding is now just 6 months away. I've been working on our guest list, which seems like its never going to end, but not much else beyond that. I'm in a planning stage, more-so than a doing stage. I know what I want my invitations to look like, but I need to finalize the format so I can get quotes on printing prices. I'm excited to do more now that we're starting to run out of time. I've also decided to do paper flowers, based on either a tutorial I found online, or these neat punches I've found at Joann's. I need to do a test run on these and get enough to make a sample of our centerpieces. I'll be putting red paper flowers into mis-matched pieces of white milk-glass.

Lots of planning, now I need to get down to the doing.

Alright, hopefully my next post will be more interesting and have pictures of things I've done!