Whoa, First Post!

Well, hello blog world.

I'm not too entirely sure where to begin, as this is my first blog that is not rooted in my
immature angst ridden ramblings about how irritated I am with the world. I've grown, or attempted to,
and moved on from all that...

Let's just delve right into this then.

My name is Heather. I'm 21. And, lately I've noticed an obsession with all things crafty, domesticated, hand-made-with-love. I especially drool over super kitschy household things, and cooking. (who doesn't drool over a perfect recipe for a loaf of braided lemon bread?)

I'm making a pact with myself to make more. MAKE MORE... sew more, crochet more, cook more, everything more. I'm sure the cooking more will be supported with vigor by my loving boyfriend of two years, Jon.

So from now on, whenever I make something, hell, when I make anything I'm going to post it here. I'll share with you my crafty adventures.

Here are a few things I've made in the past:

Refinished table from Salvation Army (this table was only $1 !!!) Now being used as my sewing table:

Crocheted headbands for winter; made 2 with functioning button holes:
Action shot: ( I look real happy.)

Hand cut stencils for faux-screen printing Arrested Development themed pillow (given to Jon as a gift.):

Watercolor owl, mounted on wooden plaque:

I'm looking forward to documenting all of my attempts, successes, and yes, even failures here.
I'm working on an Owl themed Craft Swap through Craftster... Once I finish all of my pieces for that, I'll post 'em!

Well... Until next time, I suppose!